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Six ways to conduct market research using polls

Within your six circles platform is the potential to unlock a level of community insight beyond what you’ve been able to achieve before. Polls are always great ways of gaining quick, simple answers to the questions that matter most to you and your business. Here are several ways you can integrate them into your next market research campaign.

Start the discussion

What do people react to? Lots of things – correct! But, one of the best ways to gauge opinion, and stimulate a conversation, is by showing people how they compare to others. Create a poll, send it out, get it answered, and then publish the results on a platform for all to see. By starting a thread on the topic, you’ve then got access to reactions, questions, opinions, and the sort of responses that take a question, and begin to build an answer to it.

Learn more about habits

What makes your audience tick? Who are they and what do they need that you can provide? These are the kind of questions every business needs to know, but don’t always have easy access to. Polls are not just for opinions, they are can also about attitudes, feelings, and schools-of-thought. With a simple poll, you can quickly learn who your audience are, but with more detailed, carefully-chosen questions, you will also uncover the key what and why of your target audience.

Dive into demographics

With more information about the people you are communicating with, you will be able to create distinct profiles of who your audience are. This, in turn, will shape your next market research polls, and can be fed into your marketing strategy and future campaigns. Analysis of your findings is a key part of the market research process, and the more you can tailor your polls to specific audiences, the deeper level of understanding you will uncover.

Listen to what’s being said

Your polls so far should have provided you with a new level of insight into your target audience, but there’s no harm doing a little bit of covert investigation too. A poll can, of course, be created with an ‘any other comments?’ section, but there’s no harm in seeing what your audience are up to in the meantime too. Are they talking about something specific on your platform, or another, that you don’t know about? Your next market research poll could help you to help them with their problem.

Measure brand awareness

A poll is a great way to find out how your brand is performing, as well as gauging reaction to a new product or service you’ve recently launched. Sometimes, there’s no better way to measure your business, than by asking the people who most frequently engage with it. Have you met or exceeded their expectations, solved their problems, and kept them interested? Or did they miss your latest launch entirely? And, if so, you can establish why.

Short, simple sampling

Whenever you encounter a potential new client or customer, a simple way to establish whether you will be beneficial to one another is through a simple poll. Does this person need a product or service that you can provide, and, if so, how often or when? If they don’t need anything from you, now or ever, it’s safe to say you don’t need to involve them in any further marketing or research. Polls don’t just help you identify who are the most important people to your business – they also show you who isn’t.

When it comes to your Six Circles platform, not only can you use polls to communicate with the people within your community – you have our support in getting started, and keeping it going.

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