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Six big, brand-building benefits of hosting local events

There are many ways to grow a business, but the key to building a brand is finding your people. Every brand has the makings of their very own tribe out there waiting for them – a group of people who may or may not already be actively searching for a product or service just like yours, but nonetheless have an inherent kinship with your brand and its central ethos.

While there are no shortcuts to connecting with these coveted needles in the commercial haystack, event marketing is the nearest thing you’ll find to a fast pass. With a frankly astonishing 91% of consumers revealing they have more positive feelings about a brand after attending events and experiences, this dynamic, multidimensional marketing channel is now simply too effective to ignore.

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At Six Circles, our mission is to bring brands and their tribes together – and with custom event management software at the heart of our suite of services, we can help you harness the formidable power of event marketing to bring your dream customers into your brand’s inner circle. First things first, though – right now, we’re taking a deep dive into the numerous benefits of dipping your toe into the world of local events.


From informational workshops to hands-on product or service demonstrations, whatever you’re sharing knowledge on, there’s ample opportunity to educate through the medium of events. The face-to-face nature of events makes this a positively perfect medium for conveying information on your industry, brand or offering in a direct, concise, easy-to-understand way. Better yet, with auditory and visual tools galore at your disposal in a live environment, you’ll have your pick of supportive media to help you get your point across in the most memorable, engaging way possible.


It will come as no surprise that face-to-face event marketing is among the most powerful tools for creating new, relevant networking opportunities. Particularly with regards to locally focused brands, physical events create a prime opportunity to get existing and potential customers in a room together – ideally along with influential figures in your sector – to build new relationships, talk shop in an appropriate environment and, with any luck, kick-start some mutually beneficial partnerships.

Better yet, you can maximise your event’s reach by making use of an event registration system designed to take the hassle out of invites, booking confirmations and ticketing.


Without the entertainment factor, any wisdom you impart or networking you attempt will invariably feel self-serving – there has to be something in it for your audience. Fear not, though: entertainment doesn’t have to mean an all-singing, all-dancing variety show. Any kind of event that showcases your brand in a way that engages audiences through relatable narratives, exciting multimedia content or exclusive attendee perks will deliver on the entertainment front. The key is to find a way to create a fun and immersive multidimensional experience that makes sense for your brand.


One primary benefit of event marketing is the opportunity it creates to reveal your brand’s hidden layers to an audience of potential customers. Many brands mistakenly believe that the surface-level elements like a logo, website and collection of social media profiles combine to make a brand – but the truth is that a fully formed brand identity should be as developed and multidimensional as your own personality.

As you’ll no doubt be painfully aware, communicating the various aspects of your identity, all of your intentions and everything you want to say through digital channels like social media can be a challenge to say the least – but with all limitations removed, events make showcasing your pure, unadulterated brand identity in all its glory possible.


Needless to say, event marketing is among the most powerful tools in any business owner’s arsenal when it comes to engaging a community. Allowing your customers to evolve from shoppers who engage with you in a purely transactional capacity into engaged audience members who are invested in your story is a very meaningful step for any brand to take.

Inviting existing and potential customers to a live event where they’ll get to meet you, learn more about the vision behind your brand and break the corporate barrier shows them you’re willing to go above and beyond to build relationships that are so much more than an exchange of money for goods or services rendered.


Naturally, the ultimate aim of any marketing campaign – events included – is to generate conversions (whatever they may be for your business). Going into your event with a hard-sell mentality is definitely best avoided, as this will inevitably hinder your ability to educate, entertain and engage. Instead, build a structure or narrative for your event that leads organically to buying your product or service as the next logical step for attendees.

If you can nail the informational content, entertainment factor and audience engagement, you’ll likely find your audience will reciprocate by making an investment in your brand.

With the whys covered, that brings us to the question of how to make local event marketing work for your brand – and this is where we come in. Explore the six circles of our service right here to find out what makes us the perfect partner for any brand-building mission including but by no means limited to event marketing.

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