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Six reasons to try automated email marketing for your business

Email marketing is a powerful tool in the digital marketer’s arsenal, promising a raft of commercial benefits for brands able to commit the time and effort necessary to make this data-driven art form work – and even those who aren’t. Thanks to the advent of email marketing automation, you can reap the benefits without having to invest the resources you previously would’ve done. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

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Our brand is built on a mission to help other brands find and nurture an engaged community of customers and advocates – and email marketing is primed for supporting this kind of community-building activity.

We’re making a case for automation in today’s post, as we explore just a handful of the numerous perks that come with taking an automated approach to your email marketing activity.

Time savings

Rather than having to scramble each month to find time between meetings and before weekends to pull together short-notice email marketing campaigns, adopting an automated approach gives you the power to plan, create and launch a single email workflow that will run seamlessly in the background – triggering sequential emails as and when predetermined conditions are met. This way, you can protect your time while also ensuring consistent levels of care and quality across each of your emails.

Audience segmentation

Your mailing list is a valuable asset that can be used to drive engagement and, ultimately, conversions – whatever they may mean to your brand. It shouldn’t, however, be treated as a static list of identical users – especially considering the raw power of audience segmentation. By launching an automated email campaign, you can gradually segment your mailing list based on browsing and buying behaviours – among countless other criteria – to slowly but surely build a multifaceted database of users and really come to know the people you call customers.

Tailored messaging

With this superior audience segmentation, you can sculpt the messaging used in your email marketing campaigns to treat each and every lead in a tailored way. Whether you’re trying to convert newsletter signups into product sales or engage unresponsive contacts, the data provided as a result of your audience segmentation will make truly personalised lead-warming possible.

Customer re-engagement

One of many examples of this tailored messaging is the opportunity to re-engage customers who haven’t purchased in a given period of time. With a campaign focused solely on persuading past customers to convert again, such as a cart abandonment email triggered at the moment a user leaves your site without buying, you can minimise customer drop-off and do everything in your power to see customer journeys through to completion.

Increased customer lifetime value

By encouraging inactive and first-time customers to convert again, you can steadily improve your business’s customer lifetime value – i.e. the amount each customer is worth to your business over their entire relationship with your brand. Many businesses inadvertently treat their customers as disposable once they’ve secured that all-important first sale from a new lead. With automated email marketing, you can nurture every first-time customer into a loyal repeat customer who will be worth significantly more to your brand in the long term.

Data measurement and implementation

Last but by no means least, the data measurement benefits of automating your email marketing campaigns simply can’t be overlooked. Every marketing channel available to you should be considered an opportunity to gather and review data, with resulting actions informed by these data insights. With each automated campaign you launch comes a fresh batch of customer behaviour data ready to be analysed – and from this analysis comes your next great campaign. Rinse and repeat.

With so many reasons to launch your first automated email marketing campaign, now’s the time to start. Our state-of-the-art community engagement platform is the perfect companion to your email marketing activity, with the ability to integrate with user-friendly email marketing software favourite, Mailchimp. Get your free online demo of our platform today to take your community building to the next level.

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