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Six irresistible lead magnet ideas for your brand’s website

Whatever lead generation means to your business, this meaningful micro conversion is a universal stepping stone to success.

B2C brands categorise leads as would-be customers who’ve joined their mailing list or added products to their cart but haven’t yet converted. B2B businesses, on the other hand, might count theirs in the form of users who’ve requested a free trial of their service or made an initial enquiry but not yet signed on the proverbial dotted line.

We know leads are crucial for any business, but driving them isn’t always a breeze. Today, we’re helping commercially minded brands on the hunt for hot leads to find their winning lead magnet.

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What is a lead magnet?

First things first: a lead magnet is an incentive offered to users of your website who have the potential to become customers of your brand. This lead magnet generally takes the form of a reward (or bait) given in exchange for the lead’s contact information.

With these all-important contact details secured, the lead can be added to your mailing list and thus enter the conversion funnel.

The lead magnet or bait can take many shapes – and the right bait to use will depend entirely on the nature and expertise of your business. To help you find an irresistible lure that makes sense for your brand, we’re sharing a selection of the most popular lead magnet examples used by businesses all over the world across all sectors.

Content bait

The promise of ‘free’ content is an enticing offer indeed, as long as the inherent value of this content is made clear to users at the point when it’s offered. From informational how-to guides, white papers and infographics to persuasive case studies and time-saving checklists and cheat sheets, the possibilities are virtually endless when using content as your lead magnet.

Just make sure to emphasise exactly how your content will add value for prospective leads so they’re able to hand over their contact details in exchange for content they can be confident will deliver tangible results.

Tool bait

As far as lead magnets go, there are few incentives more powerful than a custom interactive tool that will solve a real-world problem or streamline an everyday process. Offering leads access to tools you’ve either built yourself or commissioned will create that feeling of exclusivity that so often converts users into leads.

Wondering what custom tools you could create for your brand? Popular ideas include online calculators for finance websites, outfit planners for fashion brands and interactive maps for travel companies. Consider what value you have to offer your customers and contemplate how that value can be distilled into a nifty digital tool.

Trial bait

For businesses offering software as a service or gaming brands looking to lure in players for their latest release, trials and demos offer the perfect tasting menu ahead of the main course that is your product or service.

As such, so-called trial bait serves as an effective lead magnet that offers clear value to users as well as giving them a teaser of your full product or service, increasing the likelihood of a conversion in the long run.

Webinar bait

The value of knowledge-sharing can’t be overestimated. Beyond value-adding written content (such as the white papers and case studies mentioned above), there’s also the ever popular webinar which gives your business an opportunity to impart wisdom through the medium of video – ideal for users who prefer to consume their content in visual formats.

With an original concept for your webinar, combined with a sincere promise of tangible benefits for viewers, your webinar will serve as a powerful piece of laid bait sure to see users signing up in exchange for newfound knowledge on a relevant topic.

Competition bait

There’s nothing quite like a competition to get the blood pumping among your brand community. The chance of winning a coveted prize should be more than sufficient when it comes to incentivising users to provide their email addresses in exchange for the prospect of the prize in question.

Better yet, with an increased likelihood of virality (with entrants often sharing competition details with friends and family, particularly if this is among the criteria for entry), choosing a competition for your lead magnet can mean a big boost to brand exposure.

Special offer bait

From percentage discounts and coupons to exclusive freebies for subscribers, there are special offers galore you can use to tempt your audience into joining your all-important mailing list – after which you’ll have their consent to share countless other limited-time offers in a bid to drive sales.

Taking advantage of the sense of urgency is key here – so make sure to stress the limited time window for which your offer will be available, and ensure your call-to-action uses suitably urgent language (such as ‘here’ and ‘now’). With the right offer, the right positioning and the right call-to-action, you’ll have a lead magnet that’s near impossible to ignore.

With these lead magnet ideas in your marketing arsenal, you can help your brand become an irresistible prospect in the eyes of would-be customers or clients.

This is made infinitely easier with the help of our purpose-built community engagement platform, complete with all the essential tools you’ll need to attract leads. Get your free online demo today right here.

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