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Lets Meet


  • Create bespoke events and sub events in a matter of minutes for members to view and attend.
  • An integrated ticketing system allows for instant email booking confirmation and a printable guest ticket.
  • Add or remove delegates at the click of a button and export your attendees lists.
  • The platform automatically generates an attendee list of users and their profile information.
  • Attendees can  connect prior to an event using the platforms  ‘let’s meet’ functionality and allows users to message each other and prearrange to meet prior to a specific event.
  • Your platform benefits from stripe payment integration for ease of payment.

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Engage with your community


  • Gain valuable,  instant, insight into your members views and opinions by creating polls.
  • Send out short questions to businesses with multiple choice answers and harness your results as a powerful market research tool.
  • Create sponsorship packages for users and their associated organisations, earn additional revenue through sponsored polls and help your key members engage with their own independant target marketing.
  • Functionality allows you to poll the wider community or restrict it to those who attend a specific event.

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Generate revenue


  • An integral part of the platform is the opportunity to create additional revenue for your community.
  • From the dashboard easy to use tools allow you to create adverts with hyperlinks through to the corresponding website.
  • Adverts can be managed with ease and prioritised on a rotating basis
  • The platform provides comprehensive impression and click through analytics.
  • Additional revenue can also be generated from the platforms ‘packages’ functionality.
  • Manage membership subscription or create bespoke packages with integration via Stripe Payment System

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Keep you community updated


  • Inform users of news stories with Mailchimp integration.
  • Users can also benefit from exposure to their own press releases and business updates.
  • The news feature provides a platform for the publication of both internal and community generated content.
  • Promote current news and trends as well as newsletters that can be created, monitored and reports generated, from your website.
  • Articles benefit from hyperlink and integrated imagery options and as an administrator you can select a ‘featured article’ to reside on each page.
  • The platform can automatically generate a weekly ‘digest’ informing users of new community members, events, news, polls and promotions.

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Connect you community


  • Connect your community with online conversations and direct messaging.
  • Users can create their own, fully customisable member profile including login with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
  • As an administrator, you have complete discretion over which fields are compulsory upon registration, including the option of a photo and public contact details, providing great data collection opportunities.
  • Comprehensive search functionality allows users to search based on key profile information or location.

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A community on the go

Mobile app

  • Apple and Android compatibility allows your users to connect through a fully branded and customised mobile app.
  • In addition to mirrored functionality with you desktop and mobile platform, your community will have the opportunity to use ‘check in’ functionality, notifying other users of their attendance to an event.
  • Push notifications will ensure your members don’t miss a new connection request, event reminder or breaking news story.

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Create community discussion


  • The forum feature provides a platform for bespoke, open or closed thread style discussions with the opportunity to create topics and nest member replies.
  • Community conversations are enhanced through the ability to tag other users, create hashtags and keyword search.
  • Your forums will allow for the complete facilitation of online networking between your users, offering valuable insight into their industry experiences and opinions.

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Turn your community into a marketplace

Member offers

  • Through the use of the ‘member offer’ feature, communities can promote third party offers to their users.
  • Users can also create and promote their own special offers, job opportunities or events.
  • Users can track the popularity of the offer with access to impression and click through data.
  • The ‘claim’ functionality creates valuable lead generation for your users.
  • Generate additional income through rotating promotions and a ‘featured offer’ functionality.

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Manage your community with ease


  • As an administrator, your dashboard provides you with instant and comprehensive control over all functionality, features and content.
  • Edit, add or remove existing polls, events, news or profiles at your discretion.
  • Integrated analytics allows you to check the overall engagement with your overall community and individual users.
  • As the hub of all community information, visiting the dashboard ensures easy access to key statistics such as current event attendee numbers and poll results.
  • GDPR functionality provides you with the tools to ensure your community stores appropriate data.
  • Easy to use tools give you full control over branding, colours and imagery.

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