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Six Circles is built and designed specifically to manage community engagement. Whether your a Trade or Professional Body, Business Network or Sporting Club,  your Six Circles platform creates and manages seamless engagement between users, members or supporters.  Simple integration with your existing website or as a stand alone platform Six Circles can manage all your community engagement requirements.  Six Circles comes fully branded and customised to your communities needs  and connects your users through a variety of innovative functionality including, Desktop, Mobile,  IOS and Android applications.  Six Circles is fully compatible with Google and can be integrated with all your essential social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Features to create and control your community with ease

Member benefits

Help your members to grow their network

The Six Circles platform empowers your users to create their own customisable member profiles, engage with each other, advertise job opportunities or events, view statistics and present their own member offers.


Encourage captivating discussions among your users

Our forum feature enables your members to chat to each other about the most compelling and relevant issues to your club and industry. Bespoke, open or closed-thread-style discussions also give your users a highly advantageous platform for online networking.

Share knowledge

Keep your community updated on your latest developments

The News and Resource Area features ensure users are continually informed about what’s going on and have access to booklets, documents and more. Not only will users always know of the latest news, but they will have the ability to update their own stories.


Instantly create customised events for your members

It takes just minutes to generate new bespoke events and sub-events with the Six Circles platform. Your members can then view this information and register their interest, while you can easily add or remove delegates or export lists of attendees.

Market research

Find out what your users genuinely think

Gather instant information on your members’ views and opinions relating to a wide range of topics, through the creation of polls. Your users can even sponsor polls, drawing upon this powerful functionality for their own market research.


It couldn’t be easier to manage your community

The control of all functionality, features and content connected to your use of our platform is within your hands. Add, edit or remove polls, events, news or profiles as you wish, and check engagement levels through the analytics section.

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