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Six powerful mantras for mindful business owners

The experience of being a business owner is typically a whirlwind of responsibilities – from day-to-day operational concerns to meetings galore, financial forecasts and much more. In the eye of the entrepreneurial tornado, it can be all too easy to lose sight of your greater vision, your business’s overall ethos and even your belief in your abilities as a business owner.

The comforting truth is you’re not alone and, thankfully, with the help of a handful of reliable mantras for business success, you can always take a moment to recalibrate and recover your motivation. At Six Circles, our community-building software suite is your fast pass to a loyal and supportive base of customers who, in many ways, can see you through these entrepreneurial crises. When all else fails, though, memorise these business mantras to remain mindful and on track.

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I believe in my abilities.

In times of professional struggle, it’s entirely natural to question your abilities. From general business acumen and financial savvy to tech literacy and people management skills, the early stages of business ownership involve spinning more than a few different plates – so it shouldn’t be surprising to experience moments of doubt in the face of so many diverse challenges.

At moments like these, take a minute to remind yourself how much you’ve already managed to achieve in your time as an entrepreneur, reflect on your past triumphs, ponder the hurdles you’ve overcome and reaffirm your belief in your abilities. No doubt your skill set will have expanded many times over since starting out, and we daresay it will continue to grow as you become more experienced.

Focus on the task at hand.

In the process of spinning your many plates, you may find that the sheer heft of your workload becomes something you dwell on rather than choosing to tackle. If you feel your focus drifting from the next job on your immediate agenda to the abstract pile of jobs on the horizon, you’ve gone off course.

Multitasking is, in many ways, the enemy of the productive business owner – as dividing your time and attention between multiple things simultaneously will generally lead to stagnance on all fronts. Instead, make laser focus your mission – staying committed to a single task through to completion, comforted by the knowledge that this is the only route to a lighter, more manageable workload.

Do a few things well.

By doing a few things well (by which we mean focusing on mastering a few key aspects of your role), you can avoid overstretching yourself and doing many things poorly. Again, multitasking is best avoided – especially when it comes to high-stakes aspects of business management. Refuse to spread yourself thin and start by identifying your greatest strengths as an entrepreneur and aligning those with the responsibilities you’re best placed to fulfil yourself.

Knowing when to delegate internally – and, beyond that, when to outsource – will serve you well in your quest to become a master of your trade. Letting go of certain key responsibilities can be daunting (especially if you’re a self-confessed control freak!), but the satisfaction that comes with knowing you’ve found the right person for each and every job will make this challenge completely worthwhile.

I’m grateful for the team I have around me.

No business owner is an island, as they say! To achieve true, sustainable success as an entrepreneur, you’ll need to surround yourself with a reliable, devoted and competent team – whether they’re helping you with the accounts, the business development, the management of your staff or the day-to-day toil that makes the wheels of your company go round.

These are the people who have helped to transform your idea into a fully functioning business, and the act of expressing your gratitude to these people will help you to remain grounded and maintain a sense of the bigger picture. When you’re feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, take a moment to feel thankful for your team and the contributions they make to your company each day – knowing that, whatever challenges you face, you have this valuable support system behind you.

I start every day as I mean to go on.

A mindful approach to mornings is key to ensuring a productive day, as it sets the tone for everything that follows. As a business owner, this means using the first hour or so of your day for positivity and motivation – settling on a couple of manageable goals for the day ahead and, crucially, putting any coming challenges into perspective.

If you’re not a morning person, it can be very easy to slip into a pessimistic outlook in your first, tired moments of the day – but once the tone is set, it becomes more and more difficult to shift your perspective, and this can lead you to believe that an uneventful day was, in fact, one fraught with drama and disappointment. So, beat the negativity before it takes hold and start each day feeling open-minded and primed for productivity.

I remember why I’m doing this.

Perhaps most importantly of all, when faced with what feels like an insurmountable obstacle, cast your mind back to when you first decided to launch your business in an aim to recapture that moment of inspiration and drive. This is the moment you chose to take the leap into entrepreneurship – your professional origin story.

Being intimately acquainted with your business’s mission statement will make it far easier to return to this state of mind, as you’ll have a powerful mantra of your own that you can return to on demand. The reason you started this adventure in the first place should be the motivation that carries you through your professional challenges – keeping you fixed on your destination whatever the trappings of entrepreneurship throw your way.

With these business mantras for success on standby, you can tap into this secret stash of motivation whenever you need to. Beyond that, it pays to have a faithful and engaged audience around your brand to illustrate everything you’ve achieved as a business owner – and that’s where we come in. Check out our community engagement platform and take the first important step towards a community of your own today.

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