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October 2020 Bulletin

Greetings from Six Circles HQ!

Welcome to our new monthly bulletin, where we’ll be providing updates on all of the exciting developments happening both internally and across our community engagement platform.

From what’s new to what’s to come, think of this as your roadmap for all things Six Circles.

Company News

In October, we were excited to welcome a new member to the Six Circles family. Meet Will Cook

Will Cook headshot

Getting to know you

Will is our new Business Development Executive (USA), coming on board this month to support our US pilot launch.

Fuelled by tea (with a splash of milk) and Nando’s chicken thighs and spicy rice, Will is an avid lover of musicals. Having dreamed of performing as a child, Will enjoys travelling to the West End to see shows in his spare time.

While we may not have his name up in lights in the office, he’s certainly our new star of the show!



Future Roadmap

There are some exciting new developments in the works at Six Circles basecamp. Here’s a sneak peak at some upcoming changes and improvements we’re launching across the next quarter to make sure our platform keeps driving the regular engagement we all want to see:

Newly structured email notification centre

Our new notification centre gives you the tools to select the notifications that are most important to your community.

Email digest improvements

We’re improving our email digest to be better tailored to your unique needs.

Giving you more customisation options than ever before, you’ll have the tools to control which features are added (and where), as well as the ability to add your own content to the beginning of each digest.

Private groups within the forum area

We’re developing a new function to allow users to create private discussion areas within your forums, with admins able to invite any member of their choice.

Euro payments

We’re integrating the ability to convert GBP to euros, allowing users to collect members’ payments generated from paid events, subscriptions and packages in euros.

Annual subscription system

After the successful launch of our monthly subscription feature earlier this year, our team is hard at work constructing an annual subscription system. This will make it easier than ever for your community to sign up, and for you to manage subscriptions within the Six Circles platform.

Got a suggestion on how we can improve the Six Circles community engagement platform? Send your ideas to – we always love to hear from you.


Feature spotlight

Each month, we’re shining the spotlight on a different feature of the Six Circles platform to ensure you’re always getting the most out of what we have to offer. This month, we’re focusing on the Events area.

Did you know?

As well as handling free or paid events, you can also add an external URL link to our ‘get tickets’ button.

How to use this feature

With face-to-face meetings quickly becoming a thing of the past amidst the ongoing pandemic and local lockdown restrictions, the way brands are conducting business and interacting with their communities is, naturally, changing. From Zoom to Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts to GoToWebinar, we’re seeing a sharp rise in the use of online video calls as a means of hosting virtual events.

Thanks to our handy external URL function within the Events area, we’re seeing a growing number of communities promote their own online events within our platform. Linking to the relevant meeting room, members are able to navigate straight to the event via the Six Circles community platform.

Six Circles’ community engagement platform is the perfect companion to your online event, giving your community the tools to engage with one another both pre and post event.


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“Since incorporating the Six Circles software to further grow our network, we have seen a vast increase in new members and interaction and we are attributing both to the ease of the site’s functionality.

For us, our marketing is now tailored more specifically and effectively due to the inclusion of useful analytics which allow us to form a better understanding of what our members really want.

We would wholly recommend Six Circles to organisations wanting to offer their consumers a platform to meet others, voice their opinions, publish industry news and receive an inclusive and enjoyable customer experience.”

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