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Six ways to get the most out of your Six Circles platform

So, here you are, with the power to build, manage and inspire the communities that matter most to you. At your fingertips, right now, is the power to trigger change, invigorate people within your industry, and challenge trends together. Here are six ways to get the most out of your Six Circles platform right now.

Stimulate creativity

Something on your mind? Pose the question to the people who you know have the knowledge and skills to tackle it. Start a discussion that will spur them on to exchange their views, opinions and expertise in order to drive one another forward.

A problem shared can be a problem halved, quartered and broken down infinitesimally into intriguing creative approaches to practical, impactful solutions for you all.

Educate others

Share your findings, accomplishments and need-to-know stories with your community, providing them with the knowledge that they need to succeed. Look at what others are doing and learn from their achievements, difficulties and publications.

Your Six Circles platform also allows you to conduct valuable audience research and share your findings with the people who made it possible.

Collaborate efficiently

As your community grows, you’ll meet more people with the same drive, focus and goals. Through instant communication and knowledge sharing, you’ll be able to identify the businesses, services and personalities that will work for you, and achieve these imperative targets together.

With bespoke, open or closed-thread discussions, not only will you be part of discussions that drive change – you can be the one who made it happen.

Improve performance

Find out what people genuinely think and what you can do to enhance how audiences experience your brand. Your platform allows you to poll your entire community and so gain invaluable insights into how you are performing now. At any point in the future, you can also pick up on how audiences react when you make or anticipate a change.

When you keep focused on what is working and allow yourself to lose or develop what isn’t, you can benefit from a wealth of perspective every day.

Meet your markers

Learn where people are going and what they’re doing, and let them know instantly when you create an exciting event that will interest them. Track who is attending, where they’re from, and anticipate the information you can provide that will work for all of you.

Use events created by others to keep your community growing, and link up with the key movers and shakers that inspire you and many others.

Reap the benefits

With all the insight, education and networking available through your Six Circles platform, you have the power to manage your community and feel its prosperity as you grow, together. As Six Circles is a fully and easily customisable platform, every positive experience that you encounter is created, in part, by you.

With this sense of achievement already within your grasp, now is the time to get started and get your community growing.

Your platform is already in the safe hands of our comprehensive online support team, but if you have any more questions about what we can do for you, please give us a call on 0191 917 9697.

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“Since incorporating the Six Circles software to further grow our network, we have seen a vast increase in new members and interaction and we are attributing both to the ease of the site’s functionality.

For us, our marketing is now tailored more specifically and effectively due to the inclusion of useful analytics which allow us to form a better understanding of what our members really want.

We would wholly recommend Six Circles to organisations wanting to offer their consumers a platform to meet others, voice their opinions, publish industry news and receive an inclusive and enjoyable customer experience.”

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